Wedding Venues in Australia: Mackay Botanic Gardens – West Mackay, 4740 | Destination Wedding Invitation

Mackay Botanic Gardens

Location: 9 Lagoon Street, West Mackay, QLD

Fees: $148.00 for the site. Extras at a cost.

Shelter: No

Contact Number: (07) 4952 7300


The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens offers you beautiful lawns; lavish gardens; water views; shade trees and a choice of wonderful photo settings all suitable for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

With its central location, easy access, and tranquil views, The Botanic Gardens is an ideal location to celebrate your special day.

Our wonderful Gardens offer you a selection of beautiful locations; including the Malta garden, the Tropical Sun Garden Lawn and the Heritage Garden. Choose between a formal setting, a large garden for a big wedding, or a garden with an idyllic vine arbour. There is truly something to suit every couple.

Wedding Set

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